Satisfaction Guarantee

We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship and offer a lifetime warranty on our portraits.

If your Phoenix Memorial Portrait ever suffers vandalism, manufacturing defect or customer dissatisfaction, simply give us a shout and we will make sure to find a way to satisfy you.

Phoenix Memorial Portrait Guarantee Policy

The memorial portrait is fully guaranteed after installation for:

  • Vandalism (all sorts, photo required)
  • Breakage (Once already installed in cemetery, photo required)
  • Damaged during shipping to dealer (photo required)
  • Manufacturing defect (photo required)


*An additional fee for shipping, preparation and tape (if needed) will be incurred

Customer satisfaction guarantee

Prior to production, if a proof is requested, we will prepare one to the customer’s satisfaction, maximum of 2 free proofs (extra proofs will incur extra charges).
Once produced and received, we will fully guarantee to the customer’s satisfaction if the memorial portrait was not produced properly by Phoenix. If the photo supplied was a very bad one and then they find a better one, it will only be partially guaranteed.